Thursday, 31 January 2013

Not winter inside.

Ironing makes me really warm.

(No duh.)

Now I know why I own few garments other than extremely practical victorian gowns that require it. Red's cloak requires much, because that stupid halloween satin I'm using for lining is being stupidface. Well, not really more stupidface that I was expecting. It's really only useful for lining material. Nothing more. The texture of the wrong side is weird. I am turning into a fabric snob.

Anyway. But at the yardage I'm using it at is making it stretch oddly. Nothing that an hour of my life and the iron can't fix but still. Thus, I am warm. Warmer than I could be considering the snow. I also sound like a petulant child. Such is life.

Now, to topstitching.

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