Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fresh as a cold burning star....

The air outside.
Nicely fresh though.
Personally I enjoyed it.

I shall call today's lunch the "Ideas Luncheon." Complete with point punctuating food tongs, I was using to enphasize my point while having Korean BBQ. Never had it before. Korean BBQ, not ideas. I have plenty of those. Too many, some may argue. Not enough says another side. Would have it again. The BBQ...and well, the ideas too. Kashunga and I were supposed to go to the 007 Bond Event today. Sold out unti way later than we could stay. Ergo. we had said lunch of ideas and gesturing food tongs and then walked Queen St. while idea and wool gathering. And then I think I bent her poor ear off about Doctor Who. (Sorry, Kashunga. Eh heh...)  But yes, great times!

But ideas! Ideas were had for the both of us. I feel the need to get out the stencil or something. Need to do more research or something. I need to look up Classic Lolita fashion since I'm not really that familar with it. Victorian fashions, yes. Oh, now I do have that book I bought on Boxing day. The Smithsonian one. Wonder what ideas I could do....different eras..... dangerous this train of thought. I like trains though. Except when people step on mine and pop the stitching out of them, causing the whole thing to yank on my back.

My back, which, as expected is now sore from hunching over that ping pong table for 5 hours yesterday.

I'm going have to rework my costume ideas from the next year. Costume Con is really a lot closer than I keep remembering. Red will be this year for sure but what else.....

Gotta remember to budget....

Make all the things....

*grooves to the 80s*

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