Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The mind.

I don't really understand why I enjoy steampunk so much. I mean, what is it about it, that I personally find it fascinating? Flashback to my preteen self and tell her she would enjoy wearing bodices and long ruffled skirts, and she would give you the most offended look. Not that I was a tomboy, rather I prefered, and still do on most days, jeans and t-shirt. Throw costuming into the equation, and really the question becomes how many layers of ruffles are too many.

Not that I've really made that many steampunk outfits, but it seems to be the first idea that pops into my head when adapting something.

1. Idea unrelated to steampunk
2. Make steampunk version.
3. ??????
4. Profit!

Case in point. The TARDIS. That stupid friggin' wooden blue box. It's a box. A completely inanimate(actually, no) object, that has no feminitiy at all. (Also, not true. Re: Season 6). And yet, I want to dress like it. Flashback to a few weeks ago, when helping Kashunga brainstorm ideas for a Lolita TARDIS. No desire to also cosplay as TARDIS. Rather, was much more excited about cosplaying as a Femme Ten. And while I still want to try do make that one, (sometime, no idea when just....add it the queue, okay?) now I also want to go as the whismical police box. And I want a hat with it. I am incline to sulk, except I can't justify why a good sulk would be order for a situation like this.

Also, just to add another idea into the pool:

River Song, "A Good Man Goes to War"
Really? Let's offer a Victorian gown into the mix why don't you? With another specific fabric likely impossible to find. I'd punch BBC for ruining my fandom life, but I think they own a good share of my fangirl soul, I lost somewhere between season 3 and 4, or on the steps of 221B Baker Street. Baah!

Anyway. Tomorrow, I must continue on with Red's cloak. Get that huge thing sewn together. Might stave off the crazies for a while. ....Likely not, but maybe.

Also; Hyrule Historia. It's coming... I know it's coming... I can feel it through Canada Post. But why not now, Canada Post? I need to read that new Akira Himegawa manga, like yesterday.

...Anyway. That's enough ranting for the moment, I suppose.

I want cookies.

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