Monday, 14 January 2013

Progress...or lack there of.

I realllllly need to get started on...something. Considering how many projects I have ready to start or want to start, I really haven't done much of anything yet. Pretty much decided that it's going to be a non-competitive year for me. Too much to get ready for costume con, and the costumes that I am planing on this year, have too many "cheater" pieces, like pre-purchased shirts or aren't what I would consider competition worthy.

Besides, if I am going to try for Crafter's Corner at AN, I need to start on....stuff. Wares. Selling things.

And stop working out seams again. Completely spacing at work today, trying to figure out Tenth's coat again. And then the jacket. And then debating on whether or not it would be possible to dye white converse shoes to match the outfit. Gods, I have an addiction much? If I am going to do this one, I need to budget it, a lot.... otherwise certain costume con ideas might not happen.

Or rather they'll happen, and I have angry Visa bills demanding my blood....

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