Sunday, 6 January 2013

Ideas....just ideas.

It's a sign you're getting comfortable with your blog when you start doing multiple random updates in a single day, about everything and nothing in particular and not caring about it. And why not? It's my own, and I can post what I want. :D

I am so reading this in an British accent. A particularily horrid one I'm sure.

I digress.

Around the internet! Some patterns for...things. Or the tenth regeneration, whatever. My interest is caught.
The problem with Tenth is that David Tennant is so.... slight. I think someone affectionally deemed him a beanpole. Slight, I am not. Curvy, would be a better term. So how to handle it? Do you mimic the straightlines of the original suit, or do you make it fit the body type of the wearing, and play up the fact I am clearly not a man. I'd lean towards the latter to flatter.

Some pattern ideas:

V8841 - Long version
That might make a good option. It has the length option, and the back vent. No pleat in the back, but I have to research how on earth you'd make that anyway. No buttons, since it's a tie coat, but easily added since the coat is actually never worn closed (yet, in my viewings). Would be more fitted than using a man's coat style. Original was likely wool (*shudder*) but many copies are microsuede with the blue lining.

As for the undersuit, there is this option for the fabric. While it's not wool, apparently the original wasn't either unlike most suits. (thank goodness)

Brown with Blue Pin Stripe - It can be backed by other material for the proper drape. No idea if you can find a similiar fabric in Fabricland or whatnot, but it looks like there might be choices out there.

Suit style is another question. Jacket, you taper in for a more feminine look, but do you go with pants or a skirt? That really would determine the overlook you'd be going with. But you can't run in a skirt.

At least shirt, tie and shoes are workable. Many not be 100% acurrate, but at least you can style buy Chuck's these days. Have a pair of my own in teal velour with green inside. Festive.

Ah, well. Just ideas on the never ending pile of things.

Oh one last one, unrelated:

Simplicity 1732
Tried on a deep red velvet coat at The Bay by Pink Tartan. Only $700, (HA, No.) Couldn't resist. Figures something like that fits like a glove. So, looking around to see if I could make one of me own. Wonder if this would work, or if the sleeves were too puffy. Ah well, research.


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